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Daniel Wohlslagel

"The projects which have been most exciting for me were when I got to “make it happen”: and find inventive, resourceful ways to pull everything together- sound engineering, great design, gorgeous craftsmanship, and on time / budget"

My Story
I provide my clients a thorough working knowledge and demonstrated expertise in Consumer product design, mechanical design, and fabrication / prototyping.

What is a Consumer Product?
A consumer product is designed and sold to the "end user" consumer. It is categorically different than a B2B product or a commodity product. Consumer products are designed to appeal directly to the people who purchase them and are designed with this specific consumer in mind.

Why does this Matter and why do I need it ?
Consumer products appeal directly to the tastes / sensibilities of the target consumer, and are designed to provide value to the consumer by designing around the habits or needs of that consumer. This aspect of process ( user-focused design) produces the "emotional intelligence" of the design. In short, it gives your product an edge over other products which are designed by more random methods like guessing or consensus ( "design by committee") becasue it utilizes information about your end user which is both qualitative and more granular.

Ergonomics and Human Factors
Every consumer product needs at least a basic audit of Human factors concerns and should be designed with ergonomics which are pleasurable to the end user. This makes your product a solid design which will produce good customer satisfaction and excellent reviews.

Why do I need Mechanical design?
Design-for-manufacture is basically designing product so that it can be made with common, existing manufacturing methods and materials. It p[rodcues a drawing in a standard formet so that it can be submitted for quote, as well as 3 dimensional CAD data which can be utilized for CNC processes.

Will produce excellent results over the entire life cycle of the product.

Sometimes =you will want to see your prodyct


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